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Thesis Idea 1 x 3

Sept. 30th, 2021

I was kind of too specific about problem area in my brainstorming. It makes me keeping questioning if this is the direction I want to spend a year to develop. Therefore, I set myself back and redid a mind map to clarify my thoughts.

Mind map 1.0: writing down anything that I feel interested in

There are definitely some new areas coming up after I finished the mind map. I found myself still leaning more towards health issues in general, so I made another two mind maps for both mental and physical health.

Mind map 1.1: Focusing on the problem space of mental health

Mind map 1.2: Focusing on the problem space of physical health

From these two ming mapping, I came up with three very initial ideas for possible final outcomes. They are not focusing on the same specific problem.

Idea #1: A board game for parents and kids to learn emotional support

• Physicality of a board game may bring more unique experience
• Good for young kids
• Feels new

• Difficult to execute (rules, content)
• Possibility of delivering wrong message

Idea #2: A platform for supporting people who are emotional neglected by their family/friends

• The target audience is very specific
• Easy for me o access to the audience for research

• Possible online abuse
• There might be similar solution

Idea #3: An app that helps taking care of nutrition intake

• Personalizing for different users
• Larger market
• Could be visually interesting

• App may be easy to design but not actually helpful for solving the problem
• Hard to build credibility

Storyboard for Idea#3


I got an idea about your thesis. Maybe it is no t you want but maybe helpful. I heard most people hard to absorb the vitamins fully in their bodies so always having nutritions using food is better. How about the platform that recommend healthy and affordable food near you based on individual health need? just my thought lol



Have you thought about using this nutrient tracking idea for pets? There might be a lot of opportunity for you to research about.

Tony Fu

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