Thesis 2022

Initial Research

Sept. 16th, 2021

Talking to strangers

It was not very easy to start a conversation about mental health with total strangers. So I didn’t get in-depth into the question, such as what they would do if they felt sad or frustrated. The average answers I got so far are that spending time by themselves really helps, like watching fun videos, listening to music, and taking breaks from things that upset them. Then I had more in-depth conversations with my roommates and friends. This time our discussion quickly got into emotional neglect of Chinese parenting. I personally feel very connected to this topic. It’s a problem affecting so many young people while not many of them realize there’s something wrong.

Hang out with your area of interest (initial research)

10 short observations about your area of interest

Sensitive to certain act/words/reaction
Not yet financially independent 
Work in totally different fields with their parents 
More likely hang out with people in the same age 
Difficult to communicate with their parents

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Sept. 16th, 2021

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