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Sept. 23rd, 2021

Knowing that I was about to start doing the thesis project always made me excited and anxious. I am excited to create some great and interesting stuff. However, the reason that causes anxiety is that I don’t know what exactly I want to do. I start to run a self-analysis to see if anything is sparking. So currently, I have some very vague ideas/topics that I’m interested in.

Even though I haven’t figured out my thesis topic yet, I always know that I want to be a designer who can have some impact—no matter how negligible it is—on the world. I want to participate in the community finding solutions for many wicked problems we are facing today in my future design career.

Busy working and lacking of sleep are the worst combo for health! I wish I could take better care of myself 😢

One area I just started to dive into is personal health. This topic caught my eyes pretty severely in the recent several months. Since the summer begins, I have been going through many sub-healthy conditions, both mentally and physically. It forced me to realize how bad I have been treated myself. At the same time, I did notice that there are many young adults not treating themselves well. Sometimes it is the beginning go a sad story. I want to help these young adults, mostly college students, and me to take better care of ourselves. Also, I find that being an international student made it really difficult to seek professional treatment. There wasn’t a person who would inform me where and how to get such help while I didn’t feel well.

A brief of mental health issue among teens

On the other side of this topic, I have begun to pay more attention to mental health since this summer. According to my own short life experience and stories I heard from folks my age, Chinese parenting is doing a terrible job of supporting mental health. What is even worse is that most parents ignore their own mental health. Most of the time, a conflict between parents and their children cannot be negotiated without the help of a third party.

Such mental healthcare services are lack in China

With these initial ideas, I have several narrow down directions:
• HMW inform young adults to take good care of themselves and form a healthier lifestyle?
• HMW make healthcare services more approachable for international students in the US?
• HMW build awareness of mental health crisis for adolescents and young adults in China?

Please help me out with...
• Do you see a good amount of potential in this topic?
• What are some examples/videos/articles that I should definitely check out?


Hey Alice I love the ideas that you started forming here! The image clusters are very representative of the ideas you've listed out. Mental health is a trans-generational topic that is relevant to a lot of us - I think it might be helpful for you to


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Sept. 23rd, 2021