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Hatchling, literally means baby ovipara, is a San Francisco based reptile cafe service that invites reptile lovers to enjoy the world’s most unique experience of staying close with reptiles while having a cup of coffee. Hatchling also provides reptile enthusiasts a platform of easily accessible information and reliable expert consultation of reptile care, online forum chat, and offline gathering events.


Keeping reptile animal as pets are getting more and more popular these couple years. Online social media helps people to know these exotic pets as well as raises a trend of keeping reptiles as pets. Exotic pets are not very easy to take care of, while most people do not know how to keep a good amount of welfare for their exotic pets. They are a fairly small group of people in the pet owner community and they certainly need help from experts.

Desk research

USA pet ownership

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). This is up from 56 percent of U.S. households in 1988, the first year the survey was conducted.


Pet expenditure is increasing

The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) reported that the pet health insurance sector for the U.S. and Canada posted a combined gross written premium of $1.42 billion in 2018, up from $1.15 billion in 2017. The total number of pets insured reached 2.43 million at year-end 2018, up by over 17 percent from 2017.


Reptile pets are not very easy to take care in capture

Keeping any pet is a big responsibility. Reptiles require very specific husbandry (care, food, shelter). The key to keeping your reptile healthy is to provide an environment close to that species’ natural environment, including temperature range, humidity level, light cycle, and landscape. Proper nutrition is also essential.

topic insights

Children vs. Pets

Households that have new born children tend to surrender their pets more often.

Cat Sitter

“It is mostly hard for having children and keeping pet at the same time...The only thing we can do is taking care of them as much as we can...”


The Minority

Companion animals vs. exotic animals. Reptile pets are less concerned

San Francisco SPCA

“we had rabbits, rats and other small animals, but our length of saying of them was supper long...and they often got returned. So we stop having small animals here because we weren’t successful at it.”


Lack of Husbandry

Having the correct housing, nutrition, and care is vital to the well-being of reptile pets. All of these factors to consider fall under the term ‘husbandry’. Unfortunately, when some basic husbandry needs go unmet, the reptile will suffer the consequences.

Dr. Sarah Reich
Veterinarian, University of Illinois
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

“In a large number of cases, when a reptile is brought in for assessment, an underlying husbandry issue can be found.”


Reptile Trade

Reptiles are popular exotic pets, and comprise an estimated 21% of the value of the live animal trade, excluding ornamental fish.

Few people stop to consider the origin of reptiles offered for sale at pet stores, the suffering the reptiles have endured, or whether reptiles make appropriate pets in the first place.

customer insights
After researching about pet ownership in USA and interviewing people who work in SPCA animal shelter and Kittea cat cafe, I narrowed my topic to mainly focus on reptile as pet. I then did some interviews with people who are currently keeping a pet reptile or planning to keep one. of a div block.
Christina Y.

“I think the easiest access is to ask people who are selling pet reptiles. Also, I found it is less confusing to talk to someone one on one than read lots of articles online.”

Annie P.

“It takes me a while to find a reliable
source about pet reptile. I wish there are some ways that is easier for me to know what I need to do.”

Reptile animals are not easy to take care + they seem to be less concerned
user journey map

How might we provide SF Bay Area reptile novices a platform to foster reptile safely and responsibly?

our service



We provide the world most unique experience of interact closely and safely with pet reptiles. Here, you can pat different kinds of reptile including chameleons, geckos, tortoise, snakes and etc.


Coffee + Dessert

We provide coffee and dessert for customers while they are interacting with our reptile crews! And, if they are not looking for a reptile experience, they can still have a cup of coffee at our “Reptile Free Zone” and enjoy their break time.


Space for Events

We provide our cafe space for all of customers to hold offline events organized on our Hatchling APP, such as reptile tea party, offline forum, and so on.

our customers


Reptile Lovers

They can be reptile novices, reptile guardians or enthusiasts, especially people who are interested in reptile pets but not able to keep one of them.


Internet Celebrity

We also greatly welcome people who may have not idea about pet reptiles but think a reptile cafe is so cool. It is a very cozy cafe that our customers are welcome to take photos and post online.

our technology



We have an internal program that helps us serve our customers better and record the information of our reptile crews.


Hatchling APP

We provide our customers a specialized APP helping them make orders and check their ongoing order status. Also, users will access to our reptile crew profiles. It includes “Pop Star“ list—the most popular reptile crews in the house, and the whole list of our reptile crews. We also offer a chatting and posting platform for users with easily accessible information of reptile husbandry. Here, users can talk to people who also love reptiles like they do and organize event on our Hatchling Forum.


• Logo

Hatchling, baby reptiles, is the name of the cafe that customers can stay closely with reptiles while enjoying their coffee. For the symbol, the image of snake constructs the silhouette of a coffee cup from the side; the head of snake suggests that a coffee spoon sticks out from rim of the cup. In the wordmark, the tail of “g“ and the dot inside of it suggests the features of reptiles.

• Icon Set

Hatchling also contains a set of reptile icons, including turtle, snake, chameleon, and lizard. This icon will be used for both Hatchling APP and in-store by-products, such as food packages.

The signage outside of the restaurant.
The menu consists of dishes and drink made inspired from tropical foods and culture.
The logo will be printed on cups that used in store.

• Color

Hatchling intends to give the feeling of both tropical and cute. Its color palette contains a millennial pink, a light blush, a coconut white, a light green, and an avocado green.

Flamingo Pink
R255 G131 B148
Blush Pink
R255 G225 B210
Coconut White
R255 G245 B238
Aloe Green
R232 G234 B151
Avocado Green
R082 G104 B050

• Typography

Reptiles are cute and calm. Hatchling looks for a typeface that is popular, cute, cozy, and soft.

Brandon Grotesque is made by Hannes von Döhren in 2010

service Structure

wire frame


Make Oders

After sign up or simply choose guest use, users will be able to make orders on their phones.


Know better of our reptile crews

Here all users will be able to follow our reptile celebrities and make comments.


Reptile care sheets and forum

Hatchling provides easily accessible information of reptile care. Users will be able to both read through articles provided and post their own articles.

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