Hatchling, literally means baby ovipara, is a San Francisco based reptile cafe service that invites reptile lovers to enjoy the world’s most unique experience of staying close with reptiles while having a cup of coffee. Hatchling+ mobile app will be open to more reptile enthusiasts over the internet. It is a platform of easily accessible information and reliable expert consultation of reptile care, online forum chat, and offline gathering events.

project duration

Branding: Sept, - Dec 2018 (15 Weeks)
Service Design: Nov. - Dec. 2019 (6 Weeks)
Updating: March - May 2021 (6 Weeks)

Methods + tools

Desk research | User Interviews | Affinity Mapping | Persona Development | User Journey Mapping | Wireframing | Prototyping | Keynote | Adobe Illustrator| Adobe Photoshop | Adobe InDesign | Adobe XD | Sketch




Keeping reptile animal as pets are getting more and more popular these couple years. Online social media helps people to know these exotic pets as well as raises a trend of keeping reptiles as pets. Exotic pets are not very easy to take care of, while most people do not know how to keep a good amount of welfare for their exotic pets. They are a fairly small group of people in the pet owner community and they certainly need help from experts.


How might we provide SF Bay Area reptile novices a way to foster reptiles safely and responsibly?


A cozy place for
enjoying a cup of coffee
and patting reptiles

• 01 •


We provide the world most unique experience of interact closely and safely with pet reptiles. Here, you can pat different kinds of reptile including chameleons, geckos, tortoise, snakes and etc.

• 02 •

Coffee + Dessert

We provide coffee and dessert for customers while they are interacting with our reptile crews! And, if they are not looking for a reptile experience, they can still have a cup of coffee at our “Reptile Free Zone” and enjoy their break time.

• 03 •

Space for Events

We provide our cafe space for all of customers to hold offline events organized on our Hatchling APP, such as reptile tea party, offline forum, and so on.

store sign


• 01 •

Reptile Novice

who currently want to keep a reptile pet but hessite.

• 02 •

Reptile Fans

who are enthusiastic about reptiles

• 03 •

Social Media Influencers

who love to seek novelty


• 01 •


We have an internal program that helps us serve our customers better and record the information of our reptile crews.

• 02 •

Mobile App

We provide our customers with a specialized APP, helping them know more about our reptile crew.

• 01 •

View information about Reptile

The home screen features selected posting of reptiles or about the café. The tab will pop out when the user taps on the right bottom button; the search bar will drop down when the user drag down the screen.

• 02 •

Use camera to recognize reptile crews

The camera function built in the app can help the user identify the reptile crews inside the café.  From the popped out box, the user can know their emotions/habits, and also access to more detailed information.

• 03 •

Browse reptile crews of the café

The users can access to all the reptile stars of the café even when they are not actually in the café. They can also follow and like the reptile crews. They will receive updates about the reptiles they follow, and also give them rewards so that they can foster a reptile pet without having one at home.



• 01 •

USA pet ownership

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA).

• 02 •

pet expenditure is increasing

The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) reported that the pet health insurance sector for the U.S. and Canada posted a combined gross written premium of $1.42 billion in 2018, up from $1.15 billion in 2017.

• 03 •

reptile pets are not very easy to take care in capture

Reptiles require very specific husbandry (care, food, shelter). The key to keeping your reptile healthy is to provide an environment close to that species’ natural environment, including temperature range, humidity level, light cycle, and landscape. Proper nutrition is also essential. 

• 04 •

misinformation in reptile trade

Few people stop to consider the origin of reptiles offered for sale at pet stores, the suffering the reptiles have endured, or whether reptiles make appropriate pets in the first place. Many people are lured into buying a pet reptile by misinformation proclaiming that reptiles are low cost, low maintenance pets. This is far from the truth. 


• 01 •

children vs. pets

Households that have new born children tend to surrender their pets more often.


Cat Sitter

“It is mostly hard for having children and keeping pet at the same time...The only thing we can do is taking care of them as much as we can...”

• 02 •

the minority

Companion animals vs. exotic animals. Reptile pets are less concerned.


San Francisco SPCA

“In a large number of cases, when a reptile is brought in for assessment, an underlying husbandry issue can be found.”

• 03 •

lack of husbandry

Having the correct housing, nutrition, and care is vital to the well-being of reptile pets. All of these factors to consider fall under the term ‘husbandry’. Unfortunately, when some basic husbandry needs go unmet, the reptile will suffer the consequences.

Dr. Sarah Reich

Veterinarian, University of Illinois
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

“we had rabbits, rats and other small animals, but our length of saying of them was supper long...and they often got returned. So we stop having small animals here because we weren’t successful at it.”


Christina Y.

Collage Student

“I think the easiest access is to ask people who are selling pet reptiles. Also, I found it is less confusing to talk to someone one on one than read lots of articles online.”

Annie P.

Collage Student

“It takes me a while to find a reliable source about pet reptile. I wish there are some ways that is easier for me to know what I need to do.”

Reptile animals are not easy to take care +
they seem to be less concerned


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