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Prototype reflection

Dec. 9th, 2021

Health and wellbeing are an enormous problem area—eating is one part of it. (I keep saying this for every blog I wrote, haha) I am glad that I'm still interested in this topic after almost a semester of researching and prototyping. It wasn't a smooth process for sure, significantly when narrowing down the problem area. People always say, "a good design requires you to ask the right question." I do find it is a very challenging part of my thesis development. I keep asking myself: What is the right question that I should ask?

I started with what I wouldn't like to create as the final outcome to narrow down the problem space. I don't want this product to add anxiety and pressure to the users since my target community is young adults who are already stressed. The product shouldn't be like forcing them to do something they don't enjoy and interpreting their original daily routine. Instead, it should encourage users to eat healthier smoothly and blend in with their current behavior. The user experience should be cozy, relaxing, cheering, and supportive.

Additional interview with dietitians:
Get back to Zeina for more specific info

Books I’m currently reading:
Atomic Habits
How to not die
Behavior Human Psychology
Behave: the Biology of Human at Our Best and Worst


Fill out a history form of what did you eat for the last five days. Assign testers a doable task that help them improve their eating habit just a bit than the last week


Hi. My name is Alice and Im currently working on my master thesis project around eating habit. so I’m curious about how people value their eating habits and how much they willing change or improve an eating habit.

So I would love to ask you to fill out a form of your last five days meal history. Here is an example of how you do it. Please be a little more specific about what dish or snake you consumed in each meal. before you start, how many meals do you have each day in average? 

To Do List

+ System of the interaction: How does the creature reflects on the condition
+ What do you think you might want to improve?
+ What are some general goals of your health and wellbeing?
+ How far do you think from achieving those goals?

Nov 22

find 4 people out of the current network for testing the first round

Nov 29

check in with the testers for the 1st round result and feedback and assign 2nd round task

Dec 06

check in with the testers for the 2nd round result and feedback and assign 3rd round task

Dec 13

check in with the testers for the 2nd round result and feedback and assign 3rd round task

Dec 16

Analyze the testing result
Prototype due

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