Thesis 2022

Prototype 2.0

Nov. 18th, 2021


Making healthy eating less overwhelming will help people form better eating habit


I believe that a gamification that provides people doable tasks along with reward system will help people forming healthy eating habit

#prototype 2.1

Ask testers few questions around their preference of breakfast/a.m. meal and help them make decisions for choosing breakfast. The tester will receive relatively healthy breakfast I order on food delivery services for their following 3-5 workdays.


+ Feedback:What if you do gamification of changing a bad eating habit?

#prototype 2.2

Fill out a history form of what did you eat for the last five days. Assign testers a doable task that help them improve their eating habit just a bit than the last week

Selena's Meal History

Task For U:
Try to have three a.m. meal within the following 7 days

P.s. a.m. meal=1st meal that you consume within an hour after you wake up


Task For U:
Cook one meal using salmon at home within the following 7 days


Task for U:
Have main dish with vegetables for two meals within the following 7 days



+ It might be good if I can record each meal as I go, since it’s hard and taking time to recall every single thing I have had.
+ I didn’t notice that I wasn’t as healthy as I thought.
+ Sounds like pretty doable task 
+ Bias: try to ask people out of network to test

Insight so far

+ There are gaps between perception and action
+ People maybe react more actively if the task is assigned by their loved ones 
+ People tend to collecting achievement while they are gaming

Next Step

+ Reaching out to people who are out of m network
+ Continue researching around human behavior and behavior change


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