Thesis 2022

Prototype 1.0

Nov. 4th, 2021


I believe that a planned menu based on preference will help young adults not skip meals

#prototype 1.1

Ask a pair of good friends to write down a meal plan of a week for each other. Record how much each one of the tester follows the plan and how often each one skips a meal.

#prototype 1.2

Ask tester to fill out a meal plan form. The form includes two part: one is a meal history of the past week, the other is a meal plan for the following week.

Option #1

How it works:

Check Square f you didn’t skip this meal
Check Circle if you follow the plan

Option #2

Option #3


+ Three meals is typical but may not be applied to everyone.
+ What exactly the “plan” would be look like?It feels hard to make decision for what to eat in a week
+ I don’t really want to spend such amount of time for doing this plan
+ What if I just don’t want to follow?

Next Step

+ Reaching out to people who are out of m network
+ Continue researching around human behavior and behavior change


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