Thesis 2022

Primary and Secondary Research

Oct. 14th, 2021

During this week's research on eating habits and gut health, I have the following questions that I want to find answers:

> What should I do if I want to eat healthier?
> How much effort do I need to put in finding a good match diet for myself?
> What are some costs if I want to seek professional help, like a nutritionist?> What stopping people from eating healthy?

Major learning points

> People tend to eat food for stress managing purpose
> Food affects our moodsPerceived lack of time: making a healthy meal will take too long, while unhealthy choices can also be time-consuming
> Focus on adding healthy food to your diet, rather than just taking unhealthy foods away.
> People tend to eat healthier while they are brought up in a healthy environment or exposed to healthy food by friends

People I've talked to...

“I was raised in a vegetarian family and so I learned most of vegetarian diet knowledge from my parents. There are definitely a lot research you have to do if you are thinking commit to vegetarian diet without helps from pros.”
“ I think eat pretty good meals. I cook a lot myself and not really pay attention to what exact kind of nutrition I’m getting. My concern is more about I eat irregularly for a set of reasons.”

Some existed solution I've find...

Next Step

• Research more about psychological aspect of the action of eating
• Interview people with profession, like nutritionist


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