Thesis 2022

MVP Reflection

Feb. 17th, 2022

I used AB testing method for this prototype. I found four users total, two of them were asked to draw an elfin everyday for a week, the other two were only asked to draw once in the beginning of the week.

Key Focus of the User Journey

What went well:

1. Stimulate curiosity and expectation

2. Emotional connection works pretty well

3. Think more before making choices for eating

4. Be more aware of the nutrition balancing

Things need to improve:

1. The reminder didn’t really follow the daily routine that well

2. Knowing there is a person seeing all the daily meals felt a little pressure

3. If there is a delayed reminder, it might also delay my meal.

Value Proposition v1:

My offering is a game-based habit forming  for building mindful eating habits. In this game, users will find their own supportive companions — elfins they created when they start off their habit building journey. By feeding the elfin, users will be able to track how they feel about each meal (both physically and emotionally), complete doable tasks as establishing routines for building habits, and get awarded and supported for moving forward. 

Next Step

+ Finish testing this prototype

+ Refine the framework

a. energy drop rules

b. healthy models

c. flower collecting rules

+ Finish testing this prototype

+ Develop a prototype for testing task & award system


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