Thesis 2022

Hypothesis + Proposal

Nov. 4th, 2021

Eating healthy is a colossal problem area. I found myself struggling to define a problem that I want to help with, a How Might We. After I chatted with Eric, my thesis instructor, he suggested I go through a mapping and branching process on this problem area. Listing sections that I can think of and trying to find more exciting parts (take a look at the following two images).

Audience Map

Topic Developing Map

As you can see, I marked the parts I found the most intriguing in both maps. I think young adults will become the majority of my active users. They are either college students or new to the workplaces; they more or less have some GI issues (stomachache, bloating, etc.); they live alone, or they eat alone; they are busy and not very good at cooking. So for this particular group, cooking and delivering food (or take-out food) are the two critical parts in which unhealthy eating habits play a role.


How might we increasing quality of daily meals for young adults who live alone and are usually busy working?


Making healthy eating less overwhelming will help people form better eating habit


I believe that building a smart cookware system operated using mobile phone for busy young adults will help them cook more at home and therefore eat healthier.

Hypothesis Sketch #1


I believe that auto-generating simple recipes based on preference for young adults will help them be more comfortable about cooking

Hypothesis Sketch #2

Next Step

+ Sending out survey
+ Develop prototype
+ Scheduling interviews for testing


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