#thread of time


A book about Japanese culture in the context of San Francisco. Japan and Japanese culture is always intriguing to me. When I picked a favorite spot in San Francisco, it is definitely Japantown, also call Nihonmachi. This place is fascinating since it showcases a totally different culture thriving here for over a hundred of years.

project duration

book design + pop-up cards
Jan. – March 2017

methods + tools

Desk research | On-site Interviews |  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator |
Adobe Lightroom | Photography

A souvenir book
of San Francisco Japantown


Book size: 7” x 10” | Matte coverFabric gift wrapping folded to work as a belly band. It is refers to obi belts, the belt for kimono


The fabric also cover the illustration, drawn based on my impression of San Francisco Japantown, on the paper cover to create a little surprise when viewer take it away.


Gift Cards in the set of three: paper Landscapes popping up (Origami Fountain, Osaka Way, Peace Pagoda) when open it. The elegant within Japanese culture is well inherited throughout these hundred years in SF Japantown. In order to let visitors and their family and friends experience this as well, a gift card was designed to bring more interactive with its elegance.

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