Hatchling, literally means baby ovipara, is a San Francisco based reptile cafe service that invites reptile lovers to enjoy the world’s most unique experience of staying close with reptiles while having a cup of coffee. Hatchling also provides reptile enthusiasts a platform of easily accessible information and reliable expert consultation of reptile care, online forum chat, and offline gathering events.

project duration

Branding: Sept, - Dec 2018 (15 Weeks)
Service Design: Nov. - Dec. 2019 (6 Weeks)

Methods + tools

Desk research | User Interviews | Affinity Mapping | Persona Development | User Journey Mapping | Wireframing | Prototyping | Keynote | Adobe Illustrator| Adobe Photoshop | Adobe XD | Sketch


How might we provide customers in the hatchling reptile cafe a more fun and engaging experience?



Keeping reptile animal as pets are getting more and more popular these couple years. Online social media helps people to know these exotic pets as well as raises a trend of keeping reptiles as pets. Exotic pets are not very easy to take care of, while most people do not know how to keep a good amount of welfare for their exotic pets. They are a fairly small group of people in the pet owner community and they certainly need help from experts.







make orders

After sign up or simply choose guest use, users will be able to make orders on their phones.


know better of our reptile crews

Here all users will be able to follow our reptile celebrities and make comments.


reptile care sheets and forum

Hatchling provides easily accessible information of reptile care. Users will be able to both read through articles provided and post their own articles.


Testing Goals

Test out if customers in Hatchling Reptile Cafe find the app increase their level of good experience

Test out if the level of necessity of using the app while visiting the Hatchling Reptile Cafe

Test out if customers in Hatchling Reptile Cafe find the app increase their level of good experience

Testing Results

> I don't feel like I want.. or I need to use the app unless I want to use it to order something. I want to experience the cafe without reading info about it on my phone.

> I wouldn't quite love to download the app, bc I might not visit the cafe very frequently.

> The layout looks nice, but the color (choices) on the forum page  bother me a little

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