Hatchling+ is a renovated mobile application to provide reptile lovers in San Francisco a more engaging and fun experience while they are visiting Hatchling Reptile Cafe. The second version is seeking to improve the experience of using the app outside of the store as well.

project duration

Feb. - April 2021 (10 Weeks)

Methods + tools

Desk research | User Interviews | Affinity Mapping | Persona Development | User Journey Mapping | Wireframing | Prototyping | Adobe Illustrator| Adobe Photoshop | Adobe XD | Sketch | Figma


How might we provide customers of the Hatchling Reptile Café a more fun and engaging experience?



Primary Users:

customers (age of 20s to 30s)of Hatchling Reptile Cafe who are passionate about reptiles

Secondary Users:

potential customers (age of 20s to 30s) of Hatchling Reptile Cafe who love to seek novelty






Testing Goals

Test out if customers in Hatchling Reptile Cafe find the app increase their level of good experience

Test out if the level of necessity of using the app while visiting the Hatchling Reptile Cafe

Test out if customers in Hatchling Reptile Cafe find the app increase their level of good experience

Testing Results

> I don't feel like I want.. or I need to use the app unless I want to use it to order something. I want to experience the cafe without reading info about it on my phone.

> I wouldn't quite love to download the app, bc I might not visit the cafe very frequently.

> The layout looks nice, but the color (choices) on the forum page  bother me a little




View information about Reptile

The home screen features selected posting of reptiles or about the café. The tab will pop out when the user taps on the right bottom button; the search bar will drop down when the user drag down the screen.


Use camera to recognize reptile crews

The camera function built in the app can help the user identify the reptile crews inside the café.  From the popped out box, the user can know their emotions/habits, and also access to more detailed information.


Browse reptile crews of the café

The users can access to all the reptile stars of the café even when they are not actually in the café. They can also follow and like the reptile crews. They will receive updates about the reptiles they follow, and also give them rewards so that they can foster a reptile pet without having one at home.

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